My Projects

Project | 01

Cleveland Clinic | Sales Collateral

Audience: People who want to perform at a higher physical level

Purpose: Educate people on what sets PTS apart from other personal training programs

While everyone claims their personal training program is the best, the Clinic flexes its medical research muscles in helping athletes excel.

Project | 02 | Blog Articles​

Audience: Potential tire buyers

Purpose: Search engine optimized content that social properties can leverage to bring people into the site

Launching a new brand is a challenge, especially when its purpose is to sell a commoditized item that people only need every few years. 

Project | 03

Great Lakes Cheese | Recruitment Brochure

Audience: College job fair job seekers

Purpose: Compete against recognizable brand names when attracting talent 

Despite providing 25% of America's cheese, Great Lakes Cheese isn't a well-known name. This is a challenge when recruiting against more recognizable consumer brands. 

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