Jenn Prochaska

Strategic Copywriter


With over 20 years of branding, marketing and writing experience,
I bring a strategy-focused copywriting style to every project.

Upon hiring me, I'll ask
• What are your goals?
• Who is your audience?
• How will this piece fit into your brand strategy?
• How will effectiveness be measured?

I value
• clear communication
• sincere exchanges
• honest relationships

I know
• the difference between i.e. and e.g.
• when to use everyday vs. every day
• the Oxford comma argument
• enough HMTL to be dangerous

Please contact me if there's something you'd like to see that isn't here. I look forward to hearing about your project!


Business to Business

Sales Brochure
Brochure that account managers can leave behind with prospective clients.
Kabuto Challenge Overview
Printed booklet that not only explains but also sells this lucrative promotion to Service Managers and Parts Managers.
Recruitment Brochure
Brochure to designed to explain Great Lakes Cheese to job seekers at job fairs.
Mopar Digital Selling Strategy
Article speaking to Parts Managers that sells Dealer Tire's unique online strategy.
Xtime Integration
Sales sheet to announce this valuable feature that only Dealer Tire offers.

Business to Consumer

Promotional Consumer Flyer
This flyer mirrors the overall campaign direction and represents the take-home piece for a customer.
Repair Order Sleeve
The sleeve that holds a consumer's service receipt.
Audi Original Tire Brochure
Consumer-facing brochure touting the benefits of AO Tires.
Automotive News | The RightTurn Blog
Welcome to the official blog of RightTurn. Stay up to date about automotive news, technology, safety tips, tire deals, and other topics today!
Cleveland Clinic Sports Health
Various materials designed to promote the specialized Performance Training Systems (PTS).

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